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About Mark

I have spent a lifetime analysing trends, understanding what drives them, and explaining their implications.

I first fell for figures as a child when I realised that they could win me arguments at home and school. My love was cemented while studying psychology at university.  In an effort to understand what makes the world tick, I pursued a master’s degree through research while simultaneously completing a Diploma in Statistics. I had discovered my life’s purpose.  

I plied my trade in market research and in applying psychology data to the world of business.  I led the research and strategy function for Irish technology companies before turning to do the same for the tourism sector.

Having spent the past two decades telling people all over the world what a great country Ireland is, I am on a mission to prove that it’s true.  The changes that we have experienced within our own lifetimes have been monumental and overwhelmingly positive.  

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I love to reveal the stories behind data in an entertaining and impactful manner.  And behind every fact about Ireland, there’s a captivating story worth telling.  

I am an advocate for the positive psychology movement that has helped us to understand how to realise our human potential and maximise our well-being.  These insights can help nations enhance the well-being of their populations too and, looking back over the past century, Ireland has done this particularly well.

Our progress over the past century has been remarkable, in fact. And to be objective about our past is to be optimistic about our future.

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